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UAM 22
JOE RAUEN & his unlikely musical objects 

Performances 1 PM & 4 PM  1st floor

UAM v. 2022 Artists, Makers & Vendors

As the Crow Flies Studio

The AntiSign Shop

Art of Alexandra Winthrop
BabyFox Forever

Bast & Baetyl Alchemy


Black Cat Bazaar


Bazaar of the Occult


Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange (CCRx)


Current Location Press



Designs by Uchita


Dorothy's Daughters


E.E. Mercantile & Co.


Full Heart Embroidery



Garden Gypsy Collective


Green Art Collective


Grumpy Bags


JJ's Sticker Shop


Little Angels’ Secret



Lin Bader Design

Live painting by
It's Just Katie
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Lula Doom & Dolls


Melina Scotte


Metals by Nature


Ransack Leather


Raw Edge Shop


SPOILED Terrazzo


Upcycle Yours!

Medium-duty, mostly upcycled clothing...and stuff.

ancient herbals.jpg

Ancient Herbals


Crescent Moon Henna

Sunshine Enterprises

Food - 1st & 2nd floor


Underground Art Market 2021


Hand pan concert & Sound by Harmonic Waves Healing

The Typewriter Tarts

The Typewriter Tarts are a pop-up poetry collective based in Chicago. Give them a word or theme and they'll give you a unique poem created in the moment on a vintage typewriter.


Climate Change Reality Project

Fabric gift wrap giveaways, a how-to zine and a rad projection showing how fun it is to be green.




BWYB apparel

BWYB is an apparel brand designed to bridge racial divides, stop racial hate, ease racial tensions and bring good people together regardless of their race, culture or ethnicity. 


Nobody Wants to See Your Dick

Forthright flair and apparel designed to change the culture of sexual harassment and assault one conversation at a time.


Wish on This

We aren't your typical wish bracelet with sweet and cutesy sayings. We say what you're really thinking. And sometimes that requires a perfectly placed f*%k.

Treasures by the Tide

Treasures by the Tide handcrafts authentic Lake Michigan beach glass jewelry, accessories and art décor.


Morbid Orchid 

Morbid Orchid Co are artists who honor and immortalize the magnificence of insects, arachnids, and other specimens in handmade display pieces, belt buckles, bracelets, bolo ties, earrings, pendants and more. Our work is hand-tooled from acrylic, wood, bone and invertebrates. All of our specimens are either found dead, or sustainably sourced from reputable cruelty-free insect farms.  

**A portion of all purchases at Morbid Orchid Co is donated to Xerces Society. An international non-profit organization, whose mission it is to protect wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats. To learn more and further contribute to their cause, please visit them here,


Black Cat Bazaar

Black Cat Bazaar is an unapologetic, sarcastic, and humorous shop, articulating phrases that are often felt by many but rarely spoken or expressed. We are the go-to shop for smart, sassy, and bold greeting cards, artwork, apparel & accessories.


Second Shift Vintage

Vintage fashion, home goods, and gifts with good vibes. A curated selection of hard-working pieces with a past: sustainable, well-made, and fun!

Upcycled clothes and bags


E.E. Mercantile & Co.

E.E.Mercantile&Co. is a General Store for US made, small batch, earth friendly, and cruelty free products! You'll find all sorts of useful goods for yourself and for gifts!


Tempered Label 

Hand Marbling label in Chicago producing hand marbled fashion, paper and home decor


Nisse Farms

Honey from our bee hives is extracted and bottled without processing or filtering.  Our bee's wax is used to make skin salve, lotion bars and lip balm while the honey is used in all of our handmade, specialty soaps  to increase the emollient properties and hydrate the skin.


Jo Snow Syrups

Hand crafted, all natural syrups for coffee, cocktails & sodas. Flavor Drops with no sweeteners for fizzy water, cocktails & mocktails.


Lowest Hanging Fruit

Lowest Hanging Fruit is a cottage food/home kitchen production, which focuses on incorporating local produce and uncommonly used edible plants to create a variety of end use comestibles. This includes jams, jellies, syrups and dried herb mixes.


Cloud Orchid Publishing 

Cloud Orchid Publishing is an independent publisher seeking to combine images and written word to create experimental art books. Our mission is about showcasing artistic talent through captivating storytelling.


Wildboard Woodworking

Turning scraps of wood into items to warm your everyday.



One-of-a-kind handmade ceramics and drawings.


Spellbound Baths 



Macramé Plant Hangers, Upcycled newspaper gift bags, hemp roach clips. Vintage upcycled wood decor.


Milly on the Moon

Vintage hardware reworked into jewelry & hand carved organic wood jewelry.


Prairie Kate Creations

Whimsical jewelry and decor creations that often feature origami


Dark Light Color

One of a kind stained glass to enchant your eyes with color and light. 


The Other Shop 

We make handcrafted objects, ranging from ceramics and jewellery to prints and hand-bound books. We believe in up-cycled material sourcing and functional art.


Auburn Moon Creations

I'm thrilled to offer all the glittery pretty feel good crystals. Handmade gemstone earrings, bracelets, and rings. Crystal adorned wands, energy boxes, mirrors, art pieces, knit cowls, and prayer shawls. 

I am a firm believer in energy work. All of my creations are  made with intention to put forth comfort and happiness into the world.


Twenty Thou

Nicole Pittman is the Chicago based jewelry & accessory designer behind Twenty Thou. She’s been creating jewelry for over 10 years and strives to create unique, simple jewelry using copper, brass, sterling silver, gold fill, and rose gold fill. Twenty Thou started as her own personal student loan bailout, her goal is to sell twenty thousand pieces to pay off her student loans. Follow her on Instagram to see her latest creations or check out her website at


Nightjar Woodwork 

Wooden decor items made from felled trees



StalkerFuniStudios creates unique and zany figure and portrait inspired pieces.  Add a little zany to your life!


Made by Jade Wesp

Pen & ink drawings with themes of nature, outer space, occult, and anatomy.


Sam Callahan Photo

What’s life without a little color, depth and grittiness? Explore my take on the world around me — you might find some photography you like.


Alix Mikesell Design

Alix Mikesell repurposes found objects to create colorful, lightweight, and easy to wear jewelry. She loves finding ways to incorporate unusual materials (laminate countertop, flooring samples, swizzle sticks, vintage buttons and more) into her designs, often pairing them with aluminum and/or sterling silver.


Susan Larsen Design

Handmade sterling and copper jewelry.


Little Angels Secret

You'll find a variety of unique accessories for you and your little loves, and with a little bit of modern and vintage my handmade creations are trendy and perfect for photo shoots or to be used at any occasion. Every single piece is handmade by me. Hope you can enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them.


Green Art Collective

Story boxes, collage and assemblage pieces using vintage lithographs, up-cycled frames, bicycle inner-tubes, and found objects. Jewelry, bags and clothes also vintage or made with repurposed materials.


Roth-N-Roll Stitch Co.

Rock and roll embroidery and mixed media fiber art - hoops, patches, bags and more.


Designs by Maureen

Maureen makes one-of-a-kind jewelry pendants using harvested birch bark (from downed trees), sterling silver and/or copper and a beautiful array of semi-precious stones!  She also creates unique small watercolor paintings using pigments made from leaves and flower petals.


Defensive Wounds

Digital design and pen and ink illustration.


Sometimes Christmas By Kelsey Donahue
Kelsey makes small diorama magnets and ornaments in jar lids! She focuses on using vintage and recycled materials and hopes to make you laugh! 


Igors Irbe, Redefined Map Design

Home decor based on historic survey applied to a variety of home functional art


Nicolle Wood

Hand-built ceramics specializing in fermenting jars, platters & planters


Designs By Uchita LLC

I design and handmade fashion jewelry in Chicago. All my pieces are made of allergy free metals and are plated with 22k gold. My designs are a cross between classy, sophisticated and edgy styles.



One-of-a-kind crochet hats and personal and home accessories.

Laura Novy
I take everyday objects like tools, paint brushes and bowls, recognized for their utility more than their beauty, and repurpose them in a different medium, turning them into something decorative and beautiful.


Melina Scotte

People, bright colors, and details are the inspiration for most of my pieces. The purpose with my art is to allow viewers to see something from their own perspective and to be able to transmit beauty and imagination through my artwork. I am always looking to inspire people to be creative and to look for those things that feed the soul.



Mixed-media drawings and collages created on often reused paper (including the backs of used calendar pages). Works are mostly framed with used, vintage frames from thrift stores.


SeSparkles/Kale Maille

SeSparkles will be debuting new and upcycled OOAK garments, hand dyed using an array of dying methods in an exploration of color. / Kale Maille handcrafts elegant and unique chainmail and scalemail pieces, from simplistic earrings to fantastic scalemail garments.


Rocket Relics

Soy candles in recycled containers, soap, and bath bombs



These works began with found materials from a certain collective of lofts and arts spaces that had an abundance of "old growth" scrap and detritus accumulated from years of creative folks living their lives, getting free cool stuff not just from alleys but also movie sets and museums and conventions.

By repurposing and recombining such elements, creative and pleasing juxtapositions are created, which bring together their disparate histories and origins.


Toby Renee Designs

As an artist I work in a variety of mediums to create one-of-a-kind resin pyramids & pyramid lamps, coasters, jewelry, canvas paint pours, monoprints, painted stones and more. 

I use paint and pigments, resin,  recycled products including glass, plastic, paper and metal, dried flowers and rocks.  I also love to use beads and glitter.


Indelible Bliss Candle & Soap LLC
We make 100% Soy candles, and all-natural face and body products. Our intentions, with every product we create, is to encourage self-care, promote relaxation, and positive thinking/attitude.


Structure Constructor

Mystic Messages: 100% All Organic. Harvested from the Heavens with your name on it. 

Instead of reading your cards, Mystic Messages are made to be a keep-sake, in that you get to pick one to take home.  This celestial memo is intended to be placed prominently, say on your altar, to act as a steady reminder of what it is you're calling into being. For this card, in its entirety, is dedicated to speak directly to your deep inner-psyche. 


Marci Rubin Art

My direct printmaking on paper with fruit and ink led me to discover a basic, raw, and primary process. I create abstract representations of organic cells often on reclaimed paper. Loose, matted & custom-framed pieces range from 6x6 into 16x20in



Art prints, printed t-shirts, stickers, and laser cut jewelry by two artists working with eye-catching imagery. /


Despina Rocks Designs
Natural gemstone wire-wrapped and beaded jewelry. 



Modern Relics, handmade jewelry created with a little magic and mystery.


Urban Wellness 27

Self Care Ritual Products- Need a vibe check? check out issa vibe check affirmation deck!


Bazaar of the Occult

Shop the Strange & Spiritual



BeYOUtifully Abundant is dedicated to handcrafting natural signature skincare jam packed with nutrient rich ingredients to keep your skin healthy, looking and feeling good!



Staci Sterenberg

Edgy and fun art and decor made with love and a variety of reclaimed materials.


Handmade Henna & made and applied by Crescent Moon Henna


Kana Oil

100% natural bath salts for a soothing and rejuvenating sensation: Kana Oil bath salts are perfect for those who want to relax and unwind, to keep your muscles loose and your skin silky. Made with our organic cannabis infused coconut oil formula, as well as other nutrient-rich ingredients such as Epsom salt, sea salt, and essential oils, this product is the perfect companion to the time spent soaking in a tub after a long day of work or play.


Ankara Imports

Handmade Jewelry 


Transcending Studios

Transcending Studios produces unique clothing, accessories, limited edition collectibles, stickers, art pieces, and other cool wearables!


Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange (CCRx)

Imagination Journals, Recyclo-Pouches and Recyclo-Ponies, Fab-Shag Carpets and Pouf Pillows and DIY Creative Reuse Kits.   All hand-crafted from upcycled, reused and reimagined materials by local artisans, including the artists of Envision Unlimited.   CCRx reimagines and redistributes surplus to Chicago teachers and nonprofits from our warehouse on Chicago's South side.


CandleTit LLC

CandleTits are molded from real breasts in an effort to celebrate breast diversity across the gender spectrum.


Clitorosity is on a mission to make the world a more welcoming, informed and fun place to talk about sex. From collaborative street art to workshops to sexual health resources, we offer products and experiences that inform and celebrate the clitoris.


Night Eyes Leather

Hand Tooled Leather Goods for the urban nature lover. 

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