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UAM History

The Underground Art Market was started by me, an artist & photographer

Kelly Spring.  I started this event in 2010, with about 20 friends who had interesting creative projects. At the time I was a resident at TransAmoeba Studios a private artist space in the South Loop.


The first few events were small but successful. In later years I began organizing the event in a large private artist studio in the West Loop called C-Haus. 


UAM 2017, we had a crazy large turnout. Our space could barely accommodate the crowd.  Aggghh, the growing pains!! We needed more space, and accessibility for all is important to me. 


What makes UAM special is the uniqueness of the spaces we choose to inhabit. I am always looking for unique venues. When I decided it was time to go public Salvage One was my dream venue. Salvage One is a 60,000 square ft. antique/ architectural salvage showroom/ premier Chicago event space, spread over three floors. UAM usually pops up on the first two floors. Also, make sure you visit the small suites off to the side of the 2nd floor! 

Since then we have started popping up at street fests & other venues. Stay up dated by joining our mail list.

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