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UAM is seeking food & drink vendors, (bonus point for veggie/ or vegan vendors!)


-Must be able to provide license & insurance well in advance of the event.

-For food sales, one must be licensed & insured. Also, food vendors may need to sell tickets rather than direct food sales to customers.

-For alcohol sales, one must have a valid liquor license. Also, drink vendors may need to sell drink tickets rather than a direct sale to customers. Vendors must adhere to the rules of the venue regarding delivery and storage of the alcohol before and after the event. 

-This is an indoor event. Salvage one has several large bar areas where food can be served both upstairs and downstairs.  On the second floor Salvage One, has a food prep room that has some tables, a small sink, and a fridge, and that is all.  Cooktops must be safe to use indoors. Food vendors will be asked to keep their area clean and assist with removing the trash at the end of the night.  Any grey water created must be removed by the vendor, and no ice or water may be dumped in the courtyard. 

Please fill out this form and we will contact you with more info including vending fee.

Questions? Email

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